Local History: New Jersey

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1664: Concession & Agreement of Lords Proprietors of New Caesarea, or New Jersey, With Settlers; Feb 10 1664 Html Free YaleU-Law
1672: Declaration of True Intent & Meaning of Lords Proprietors, Concessions To Planters of New Caesarea or Ne 1672 Html Free YaleU-Law
1674: His Royal Highness's Grant to the Lords Proprietors, Sir George Carteret; July 29 1674 Html Free YaleU-Law
1676: Quintipartite Deed of Revision, Between E & W Jersey: July 1 1676 Html Free YaleU-Law
1676: The Charter or Fundamental Laws, of W New Jersey, Agreed Upon 1676 Html Free YaleU-Law
1681: Province of West New-Jersey, in America; November 25 1681 Html Free YaleU-Law
1682: Duke of York's Confirmation to the 24 Proprietors; March 14 [re New Jersey] 1682 Html Free YaleU-Law
1683: The Fundamental Constitutions for the Province of E New Jersey in America 1683 Html Free YaleU-Law
1683: The King's Letter Recognizing the Proprietors' Right to the Soil & Government ; November 23 1683 Html Free YaleU-Law
1702: Surrender from the Proprietors, E & W New Jersey, Their Pretended Right of Government to Her Majesty; Ap 1702 Html Free YaleU-Law
1709: The Queen's Acceptance of the Surrender of Government; April 17 1709 Html Free YaleU-Law
1776: Constitution of New Jersey; July 2 1776 Html Free YaleU-Law
1787: Ratification of the Constitution by the State of New Jersey; December 18 1787 Html Free YaleU-Law
Allied Health New Jersey 1997 NetLibr (Ebsco) 35.00 LearningExpr
Bonsal and Niles' town & country almanac, for .. 1800 ... weights,coins, weather, tides, courts [NJ, VA, DE, MD, PA][LOC] 1800 Balt. PDF Kindle EPub Free UPittsburgh
Historic American Buildings/Engr Survey: New Jersey: Photos & Drawings various Graphic Html Free Libr Congress
MAPS: New Jersey [State, City, National Parks, Historical] various various Free UTexas
New Jersey Legal Ethics Materials [Cornell U; State Narratives & Rules or Codes, Ethics Opinions, & Judicial 200-? Html Free LegalInfo
New Jersey State Constitution 200-? Html Free NewJersey
New Jersey Statutes & Laws 200- Html PDF Free NewJersey
The year book of the churches of Essex & Union counties [NJ]. (1881)[curch history] 1881 Newark PDF Kindle EPub Free RutgersUniv
Alexander, James Waddel, 1804-59 The life of Archibald Alexander, 1st prof. in the Theological Sem, Princeton, NJ [Presbyterian Bd Publ] 1870 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Amer Circular Letters] Nice, G. P. American Circular Letters: New Jersey: A Christian's Separation from the World, 1853 [East N.J. Baptist Assn.] 1853 Html Free BaptistHistory
Amer Circular Letters] Wilson, C.E. (Rev American Circular Letters: New Jersey: Worship in Our Churches, 1869 [East N.J. Baptist Assn.] 1869 Html Free BaptistHistory
Anon. Jersey justice at work: 1st decision on the advocacy of sabotage in the US courts [Paterson NJ silk-mill stri 1913 Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Bellangee, James Journal & essays on religious subjects 1854 NJ Html Graphic Free EarlhamSchoolR
Brainerd, Thomas, 1804-66 Life of John Brainerd, brother of David Brainerd, successor as missionary to the Indians of NJ Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Brown, James F. Piscataway Baptist Church: Historical Narative [Piscataway, N.J.] 1871 Html Free BaptistHistory
Buchanan, J. C. Historical Sketch of the Scotch Plains Baptist Church [N.J.] 1871 Html Free BaptistHistory
Carpenter, William Henry The history of New Jersey from its earliest settlement Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Chambers, Talbot Wilson, 1819-96 Memoir of the life & character of the late Hon. Theo. Frelinghuysen Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Chambers, Theodore Frelinghuysen The Early Germans of New Jersey: Their history, churches, & genealogies 1895] Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Cleaveland, J. P. (Rev) A discourse for the promotion of collegiate & theological education at the West. 2nd Presbyterian ch., Newark, 1865 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Comm. on Social & Religious Surveys (US) A church & community survey of Salem County, New Jersey 1922 NY Graphic Free CornellU
Cook, George Hammell, 1818-89 Report on the geology & agricultural resources of southern...[New Jersey] Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Cooley, Henry Scofield A study of slavery in New Jersey 1896 Balt. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Dash, Judi Country Roads Of New Jersey 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 12.95 CountryRoadsPr
De Lima, Agnes Night-working Mothers in Textile Mills: Passaic, NY [National Consumer's League] 1920 NY Graphic Txt Free Harvard
DeLeon, Daniel The Burning Question of Trades Unionism (addr. Newark, NJ) 1905 Html Free Colorado
Democratic party. (NJ) 1862D] Address of the New Jersey Democratic state central Comm. to the voters of the state [Slaves -- Emancip 1862 Trentn PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Democratic Party. (NJ) Conv. 1828D] Proceedings & address of the New-Jersey state Conv., Trenton, 8 Jan, 1828, .. Andrew Jackson for presid 1828Trenton PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Drake, James Madison, 1837-1913 Historical sketches of the Revolutionary & Civil Wars: ... the author's desperate leap from a swiftly moving t 1908 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UCLA
Duffield, John Thomas, 1823-1901 A discourse, Synod of New Jersey in the 1st Presbyterian ch. of Elizabeth 1866 Phila Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
East N.J. Baptist Assn. Historical Sketch of the Baptist Church at Mount Bethel [N.J.] 1872 Html Free BaptistHistory
Essex Public Road Board Report & map of the improvements proposed, Essex public road board, in Essex county, NJ... 1869 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Eula, Michael J. Between Peasant & Urban Villager: Italian-Americans of New Jersey & New York, 1880-1980: the Structures of Cou 1993 Questia subs Peter Lang
Federal Writers' Project Bergen county panorama [american guide series] 1941 Hackns PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Federal Writers' Project Entertaining A Nation: the career of Long Branch [bibliog.: p. 198-200] 1940 LBranc PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Federal Writers' Project New Jersey, a guide to its present & past; [bibliog.: p. 697-704] 1939 NY PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Federal Writers' Project New Jersey: a guide to its present & past; compiled & written by the Federal Writers' Project of the WPA for t 1939 NY PDF Txt Free PrelingerLibr
Federal Writers' Project The Ocean Highway: New Brunswick, New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida 1938 Questia subs Modern Age
Federal Writers' Project (N.J.) New Jersey: A Guide to Its Present & Past 1939 Questia subs Viking
Fisher, Sydney George The Quaker Colonies: A chronicle of the Proprietors of the Delaware (Chronicles of Amer. Ser. # 8) 1921NHavn Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Fox, Hugh F. The Operation of the new Child Labor Law in N.J. [National Child Labor Comm.] 1905?] NY Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Garrison, J. F. (Rev.) The Teachings of the Crisis (St. Paul's Ch., Camden NJ) [Abraham Lincoln] 1865 Camden Html Free EmoryUniv
Goodrich, Ernest Payson Housing Report to the City Plan Comm. of Newark, N.J. 1913 Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Gordon, W. R. The Sin of Reviling, & Its Work (Ref. Prot. Dutch Ch., Schraalenberg, NJ) [Abraham Lincoln] 1865 NY? Html Free EmoryUniv
Gruzlovic, Hope Natural Wonders Of New Jersey 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 14.95 CountryRoadsPr
Hale, David (fl. 1794) The Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, & Virginia almanac, forthe year .. 1803 [LOC] 1803 Phila. PDF Kindle EPub Free UPittsburgh
Hill, Edmund C. The Work of A Disappointed Youth. The Diaries of Edmund C. Hill [Trenton NJ; businessman; Helen Keller, Thomas 1870- Html Free TrentonHistSoc
Hills, George Morgan, 1825-90 History of the church in Burlington, New Jersey Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Howell, Edward (Clerk) Historical Sketch of the Baptist Church at Morristown [N.J.] 1872 Html Free BaptistHistory
Hufford, Mary Chaseworld: Foxhunting & Storytelling in New Jersey's Pine Barrens 1992 Questia subs UPaPress
Johnson, Amandus, 1877-1974 The Swedish settlements on the Delaware, 1638-1664, v 1 ... & relations to the Indians, Dutch, & English [illus.; Swedish Colonial Soc.] 1911 Phila. PDF Kindle EPub Free RutgersUniv
Johnson, Amandus, 1877-1974 The Swedish settlements on the Delaware, 1638-1664, v 2 ... & relations to the Indians, Dutch, & English [illus.; Swedish Colonial Soc.] 1911 Phila. PDF Kindle EPub Free RutgersUniv
Kaplan, Mitch 52 New Jersey Weekends 1996 NetLibr (Ebsco) 14.95 CountryRoadsPr
Lockard, Duane The New Jersey Governor: A Study in Political Power 1964 Questia subs van Nostrand
McCornick, Richard P. Experiment in Independence: New Jersey in the Critical Period, 1781-1789 1950 Questia subs RutgersUPr
McIlvaine, Joshua Hall, 1815-97 "A nation's right to worship God." Address, Amer Whig & Cliosophic societies, Coll of NJ 1859 1859 Trentn Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Miller, Jacob Welsh, 1800-62 The Iron state, its natural position, power & wealth. Address, N.J. Hist. Soc., 1854 1854 Newark Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Moffatt, Michael Coming of Age in New Jersey: College & American Culture 1989 Questia subs RutgersUPr
Montgomery, James D., 1937- New Jersey Ferns & Fern-allies 1992 NetLibr (Ebsco) 45.00 RutgersUPr
Morristown NHP Cultural Landscape Report for Washington's Headquarters: Morristown National Historic Park 2005 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Morristown NHP Furnishing Plan for the Ford Mansion (1779-80) at Morristown National Historical Park 1976 PDF Free NatPkServ:
Morristown NHP Morristown National Historic Park, New Jersey: A Military Capital of the American Revolution. (Historic Handbo 1950 Html Free NatPkServ:

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