Local History: New York State: Towns & Localities

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"The D & H" & Chateau Gay to the Adirondacks, Saratoga, Lakes George & Champlain. Tourist Handbook 1890Brlngtn Graphic Free CornellU
A description of Howe's cave: w/a treatise on the formation of caves in lime rock (illus.; Cobleskill, NY) 1865 Albany Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
A Descriptive & Historical Guide to the Valley of Lake Champlain & the Adirondacks [2 maps] (WRONG Bk ID at s 1859 Burlgt Graphic Free UCalgary
Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizen of Delaware County NY [New York] 1895 Bost. Html Free DelawareC
Farmers' and country merchants' almanac & ready reference book (1870) [NY: Albany Rensselaer Washington Warren Schenectady Saratoga Rutland; 1870 Albany PDF Kindle EPub Free Libr Congress
Herrick's almanac. (1883) [New York (State); Patentmedicines--Catalogs] 1883 NY? PDF Kindle EPub Free WinterthurMus
Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Paltz, NY, ... members, marriages, & baptisms [Holland So 1896 Graphic Free CornellU
Sprawa polska w Ameryce Polnocnej: na pierwszym Zjezdzie Towarzystwa Literatow I Dziennikarzy Polskich w Syrac 1912 Chi. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
The American goliah, a wonderful geological discovery. A petrified giant, 10' high, Onondaga County, NY 1869 o Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
The Attractions of Lake George NY...& vic. Hotels, Mountains...Lake Luzerne, Schroon Lake, Blue Mountain Lake 1885GlnFall Graphic Free CornellU
Albany Academy for Girls (NY) Albany Acad. for Girls: founded 1814 as Albany Female Academy: Centennial celebration, Jun 1, 1914 1914 Albany Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Allen, Lewis Falley, 1800-1890 Founding of the City Ararat on Grand Island--by Mordecai M. Noah Graphic Free CornellU
Anon Difficulties betw the vestry & the people of St Andrew's & Trinity parishes, Staten Island 1857 Graphic Free CornellU
Arnold, Sarah Louise The story of the Sargent Industrial School at Beacon, NY, 1891-1916 1917 Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Aron, Joan B. Licensed to Kill?: the Nuclear Regulatory Commission & the Shoreham Power Plant 1997 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Auburn, NY First Presbyterian church 25th anniversary of the pastorate Rev. Hawley w/ the First Presbyterian Church, Auburn NY 1882 Graphic Free CornellU
Bachman, R. L. The Armenians & Their Present Persecutions: Sermon, ... First Presbyterian Church, Utica, NY, Jan 1896 1896?] Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Baldwin, M. M Historical Sketch of the Town of Groton [NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Baptists. NY (State) Broome & Tioga Asso Minutes of the 18th Anniversary of the Broome & Tioga Baptist Association...the Calvary Baptist Churc Graphic Free CornellU
Barnes, Willams Seventh annual address, delivered before the Pioneers' Association, of Central NY Graphic Free CornellU
Beauchamp, William Maritin, 1830-1925 Revolutionary Soldiers Resident or Dying in Onondaga County, NY; w/list of possible veterans 1913 Graphic Free CornellU
Beauchamp, William Martin Indian Names in NY,...& some Onondaga names of plants, etc Graphic Free CornellU
Beauchamp, William Martin, 1830-1925 Notes of other days in Skaneateles, written for the Skaneateles Democrat in 1876 Graphic Free CornellU
Benson, Roy, Jr. The Biography of a Rabbit [growing up in Canandaigua NY; P51 missions in Europe] 2003? Txt-G Free GutenbergUS
Birdsall, Ralph, 1871-1918 The story of Cooperstown [NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Blake, Henry Taylor, 1828-1922 The Battle of Lake George (Sept 8, 1755) & the men who won it 1910 NY? PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Bogart, Ernest Ludlow The Housing of the Working People in Yonkers c1898 Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Brockway, Beman Fifty Years in Journalism Embracing Recollections & Personal Experiences with an Autobiography [Watertown (NY 1891 Watrtn Graphic or PDF Free Google
Bryant, William Clement Captain Bryant & the Old King. The tragedy of Wyoming. NY Graphic Free CornellU
Buffalo Hist Soc Participation of the Buffalo Hist Soc in the Erie Canal Centenary, Rome, NY Jul 4, 1917 Graphic Free CornellU
Bullard, Edward Fitch, b. 1821 History of Saratoga: an address Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Calkins, Hiram Bonded Indebtedness of the Counties, Cities, Towns & Villages of...New York Graphic Free CornellU
Campbell, Dudley M A sketch of the History of Oneonta [NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Campbell, Thomas Joseph Isaac Jogues, S.J., Discoverer of Lake George (NY Hist Soc) 1911 Graphic Free CornellU
Cayuga County Hist Soc, Auburn, NY History of Cayuga County, NY Graphic Free CornellU
Chapman, Thomas Jefferson, 1836-1905 The French in the Allegheny Valley 1887] Clvln PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Charlotte, NY Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of American Independence at Sinclairville NY Jul 4, 1876 Charlot Graphic Free CornellU
Chase, Margaret Hatfield & Stuart A Honeymoon Experiment [Rochester NY in 1914; employment, unemployment] 1916 Bost. Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Chautauqua County (N.Y.) Board of superv Abstract of the Proceedings of the Boards of supervisors of the county of Chautauqua, 1820-1867 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Cheney, Timothy Collingwood, 1808-1871 Reminiscences of Syracuse [NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Child, Hamilton Gazeteer and business directory of Ontario County, NY, for 1867-8 Graphic Free CornellU
Child, Hamilton Gazetteer and business directory of Otsego county, N .Y. for 1872-3 Graphic Free CornellU
Chorley,Edward Clowes, 1865 History of St. Philip's Church in the Highlands, Garrison, NY, including, up to 1840... Graphic Free CornellU
Christ Church, Tarrytown, NY Statement of facts submitted by the rector, Christ Church of Tarrytown [NY] Dec 1863 Graphic Free CornellU
Church of the Most Holy Rosary, Syracuse A synopsis of the Early History of Onondaga County [Syracuse NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Clarke, Joseph Morison, 1827- First Annual Address to the Congregation of St. James' Free Church, Syracuse Graphic Free CornellU
Cochrane, Charles H The History of the Town of Marlborough, Ulster County, NY: from first settlement in 1712 Graphic Free CornellU
Congregational Church, Homer, NY Centenial anniversary. Organized October 12, 1801. Anniversary exercises October 6-8, 1901 Graphic Free CornellU
Congregational Churches in NY. Conferenc Minutes of the General Association of NY, meeting in Eaton Village, Madison County, Aug 24, 1843 Graphic Free CornellU
Cook, George Hammell 1818-1889, comp The Industrial Advantages of Gloversville, NY, with an account of her material development... Graphic Free CornellU
Cooley, James Ewing, b. 1802 Speech of Hon. James E. Cooley, before the Democracy of Syracuse, in mass meeting Nov 1853 Graphic Free CornellU
Cortland County Home for Aged Women, Hom Formal presentation of a new building erected by Ebenezer G. Ranney & wife...[Homer NY] 1910 Graphic Free CornellU
Crane, Caroline Bartlett A Sanitary Survey of Rochester, NY 1911 Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Cuffman, William H, comp Business gazetteer & directory of Romulis, Seneca Co., NY, for 1886. Wm H Cuffman Graphic Free CornellU
Daggett, O. E. A Sermon on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, Apr 15, 1865 (1st Cong. Ch., Canandaiga NY) 1865 NYS Html Free EmoryUniv
Danzig, Elliott R. The effects of a threatening rumor on a disaster-stricken community [psy. effects; Floods, NYS, Port Jervis] 1958 Wash. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Darling, Charles William New Amsterdam, New Orange, NY, with Chronological Data Graphic Free CornellU
De Peyster, J[ohn] Watts Address delivered Wednesday, 28th November, 1866...Township of Red Hook, Dutchess Co., NY Graphic Free CornellU
Dearborn, R. F Saratoga, and How to See It, Giving Information the attractions & objects of interest...Fashionable W 1872 Graphic Free CornellU
DeCosta, Benjamin Franklin, 1831-1904 Lake George: Its scenes & characteristics, with glimpses of the olden times [illus.] 1868 NY Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Disturnell, John, 1801-1877 The Western Traveller; Canal & Railroad Routes, from Albany & Troy, to Buffalo & Niagra Falls Graphic Free CornellU
Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895 The Anti-slavery movement: lecture, Frederick Douglass, before the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Soc 1855Rochstr Graphic Txt Free Cornell-MayC
Du Bois, Cornelia Eltinge] The Story of the Paltz; being a brief History of New Paltz [NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Edwards, Tyro, 1809-1894 Reasons for Thankfulness: discourse in 1st Presbyterian Church in Rochester, NY Dec 15, 1836 Graphic Free CornellU
Ellingwood, N. Dane] A reply to a pamphlet...relative to denying the application of Christ Church, New Brighton [NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Elwood, George May Freer's Glen at Watkins. A Hand Book for the use of Tourists Graphic Free CornellU
Federal Writers' Project Dutchess County [NY] 1937 Phila. PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Federal Writers' Project Rochester & Monroe County [NY] [bibliog.: p. 443-447] 1937Rchestr PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Federal Writers' Project Warren County: A History & Guide 1942 NYS PDF Txt Free UCalifornia
Finch, Charles Edgar The Rochester Plan of Immigrant Education 1916 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Finney, Charles Grandison, 1792-1875 A sermon, preached in the Presbyterian Church at Troy [NY], March 4, 1827 Graphic Free CornellU
Fisher, Clarence L History of Lyons Falls. Boonvilee, NY Graphic Free CornellU
Fowler, Henry Character & Death of Abraham Lincoln (Presbyterian Ch.?, Auburn NY) 1865 Auburn Html Free EmoryUniv
Fowler, Henry, 1824-1872 History of the Church of Christ in Auburn [NY] Graphic Free CornellU
Fowler, Philemon Halstead, 1814-1879 Reminiscences of 15 years of the History of the First Presbyterian Church, Utica, NY Graphic Free CornellU

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