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Author Title Edition Format Price Puborg
Flynn, Mary Songs for Teachers 2000 Adobe eBook 5.25 BGrahamPubl
Foght, Harold Waldstein A Half-Time Mill School [Dept. Interior, Bur. of Ed.] 1919 GPO Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Foght, Harold Waldstein Rural Education [Dept. Interior, Bur. of Ed.] 1919 GPO Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Foght, Harold Waldstein The American Rural School: Its Characteristics, Its Future & Its Problems 1910 Graphic Free CornellU
Foley, Griff (ed.) Understanding Adult Education and Training 2000 Adobe eBook 12.45 Allen&Unwin
Folks, Gertrude Farm Labor vs. School Attendance [National Child Labor Comm.] 1920 NY Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Fosdick, Charles Paxton, 1856- Centennial history of the Kentucky School for the Deaf, Danville, Kentucky 1923?] Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
Foster, John, 1770-1843 An essay on the evils of popular ignorance 1854 rev Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Foster, John, 1770-1843 An essay on the evils of popular ignorance 1859 rev Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Foster, Olive Hyde Housekeeping, Cookery & Sewing for Little Girls 1925 NY Graphic Html Free CornellU
Fowle, William Bentley, 1795-1865 The teacher's institute; or, Familiar hints to young teachers Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Francis, Becky Boys, Girls and Achievement: Addressing the Classroom Issues 2001 Adobe eBook 19.49 RoutledgeFalmer
Francis, John Hayward The U.S. School Garden Army [Bureau of Education] 1919 GPO Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Fraser, A. G., et. al. Village Education in India Report of a Commission of Inquiry 1920 Lond. Graphic or PDF Free Google
Frazier, Robert E Copyright in the Digital Age: A Guide for Educators (IT Jrnl O-L) 1997 Html Free UVaLib
Freer, William Bowen 1865- The Philippine experiences of an American teacher; a narrative of work & travel in the Philippine Islands 1906 Graphic TxtPDF Free UMichigan
Freobel, Friedrich The Education of Man c1887] NY Graphic Html Free CornellU
Frich, Lilla Pauline Basic principles of Domestic Science, including 72 illus. lessons ... for use in the Minneapolis public school 1908c] Ind. Graphic Html Free CornellU
Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910 Early English Meals & Manners; w/some forewords on education in Early England 1868 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free VictoriaU(Can)
Gallaudet, Edward Miner, 1837-191 History Of The College For The Deaf, 1857-1907 1983 NetLibr (Ebsco) 17.95 GallaudetColPr
Gann, Nigel Targets for Tomorrow's Schools: A Guide to Whole School Target-setting for Governors and Headteachers 2001 Adobe eBook 19.49 RoutledgeFalmer
Garland School (Boston) Sweepings: The Garland School (Boston, Mass.), Dec. 1926 ["to teach the ideals of home life"] 1926 Bost. Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Gauri, Varun, 1966- School Choice in Chile: Two decades of educational reform 1998 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
General Education Board (NYC) Public education in Kentucky: A report by the Kentucky Educational Commission ... direction of the Comm., by t 1921 NY Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
George, Anne E & Maria Montessori The Montessori Method [illus.] Html Free WomWriUPa
Gesell, Arnold 1880-1961 Exceptional Children & Public School Policy: Incl. a mental survey of the New Haven elementary schools 1921 NHaven Graphic Html Free CornellU
Gilchrist, Susan Cantrell The effects of Project Wild on 4th grade students in Wisconsin: results of a statewide study, 1989-90 (Wisc. 2002 Html Free UWiscMadison
Gilford, Dorothy M., ed A Collaborative Agenda for Improving International Comparative Studies in Education Html Free NatAcadPr
Gipps, Caroline What Makes a Good Primary School Teacher?: Expert Classroom Strategies 2001 Adobe eBook 15.75 RoutledgeFalmer
Glass, Chris Working With Hannah: A Special Girl in a Mainstream School 2001 Adobe eBook 15.75 RoutledgeFalmer
Glover, Jo Primary Music: Later Years 2001 Adobe eBook 17.99 Routledge
Glover, Joanna Children Composing 4-14 2001 Adobe eBook 17.99 RoutledgeFalmer
Godsell, Willystine The Education of Women: Its Social Background & its Problems 1923 NY Graphic Html Free CornellU
Goldman, Lawrence Dons & Workers: Oxford & Adult Education since 1850 1995 Questia subs Clarendon
Gramlich, Wayne C. Pre-School Drill Lessons [Alphabet, Numbers, Vowels, Consonants; "letters to sounds"] 1993-8 Html Free Gramlich
Graves, Frank Pierrepont A History of Education in Modern Times 1913 Questia subs Macmillan
Graves, Frank Pierrepont A History of Education: During the Middle Ages & the Transition to Modern Times 1914 Questia subs Macmillan
Graves, Frank Pierrepont History of Education before the Middle Ages 1913 NY Questia subs Macmillan
Great Britain Board of Education Educational Systems of the Chief Colonies of the British Empire ... Cape Colony; Nepal; Australia; New Zealand; Malta; Ceylon 1901 HMSO PDF Kindle EPub Free Intnt Archive
Green, Samuel Swett (comp.) Libraries & Schools 1883 NY Graphic or PDF Free Google
Greene, Arnett Roger An analysis of factors influencing the attitudes of teachers toward supervision 1954 Graphic PDF Free UFlorida
Grenfell, Henry Dressmaking: A Technical Manual for Teachers... 1892 Lond. Graphic Html Free CornellU
Gresham, april, et. al. (eds.) School Choice in the Real World: Lessons from Arizona Charter Schools 1999 Questia subs Westview
Griffin, Peg, ed Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children Html Graphic Free NatAcadPr
Gruenberg, Benjamin C (ed.) Outlines of Child Study: A Manual for Parents & Teachers [Federation for Child Study] 1924. NY Graphic Html Free CornellU
Gunn, Hugh, 1870-1931 The Language Question in the Orange River Colony, 1902-1910. (Including certain papers & correspondence connec 1910Johnsbg PDF Kindle EPub Free UCLA
Gurian, Michael Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: A Guide for Teachers and Parents 2001 Adobe eBook 24.95 JosseyBassPub
Hale, Matthew B. The aborigines of Australia: being an account of the institution for their education at Poonindie, in South Australia ... [SPCK] 1889] Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Hales Dyslexia Matters 1994 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Hall, Christine Children's Reading Choices 2001 Adobe eBook 16.49 RoutledgeFalmer
Hall, Fred Smith Scholarships for Working Children [National Child Labor Comm.] 1908?] NY Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Halstead The Common School and the Comprehensive IdealoBook 2008 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Hampton, Geoff Transforming Northicote School 2001 Adobe eBook 15.75 RoutledgeFalmer
Hampton, H. V. Biographical Studies In Modern Indian Education 2005 Oxford Graphic Free DigLibrIndia
Han, Susie Education of Native Americans: Hampton Institute, 1878-1923 n.d. Html Free DukeUniv
Hanna, Agnes K Home Economics in the Elementary & Secondary Schools 1922 Bost. Graphic Html Free CornellU
Hansen, Janet S., ed Preparing for the Workplace: Charting a Course for Federal Postsecondary Training Policy Graphic Free NatAcadPr
Hanushek, Eric A., ed Improving America's Schools: The Role of Incentives Graphic Free NatAcadPr
Hanushek, Eric Alan, 1943- School Quality, Achievement Bias, And Dropout Behavior In Egypt 1994 NetLibr (Ebsco) 22.00 WorldBank
Hapgood, Olive C School Needlework: A course of study in sewing for use in schools Ginn, Bost Graphic Html Free CornellU
Harel, Guershon, 1952- The Development Of Multiplicative Reasoning In The Learning Of 1994 NetLibr (Ebsco) 74.50 StUNewYorkPr
Hargreaves, Andy Learning to Change: Teaching Beyond Subjects and Standards 2001 Adobe eBook 28.95 JosseyBassPub
Harleston, Bernard W. Higher Education for the Negro (Atlantic) 1965 Html Free AtlanticOnLine
Harrison, Elizabeth, 1849-1927 A Study of Child-nature from the Kindergarten Standpoint 1923 NY Graphic Html Free CornellU
Harrison, Mike Coordinating ICT across the Primary School 2001 Adobe eBook 16.49 Routledge
Harrison, Trevor & J L Kachur Contested Classrooms: Education, Globalization, & Democracy in Alberta 1999 Edmntn Questia subs UAlbertaPr
Hart, John Seely, 1810-77 In the school-room. Chapters in the philosophy of education 18?? Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hart, Joseph K. (ed.) Educational Resources of Village & Rural Communities 1913 Graphic Free CornellU
Hartwell, Shattuck Osgood Overcrowded Schools & the Platoon Plan [The Cleveland School Survey: the Cleveland Foundation] 1916 clevln Graphic Html Free CornellU
Haskew, Laurence D. (Laurence DeFee), 1907- The discipline of education and America's future 1959 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Haven, Kendall F Marvels Of Math 1998 NetLibr (Ebsco) 21.50 TeacherIdeasPr
Havighurst, Robert J. (Robert James), 1900-1991 Society and education in Brazil 1965 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Hazlitt, William Carew, 1834-1913 Schools, school-books & schoolmasters: a contribution to the history of educational development in Great Brita 1905 NY Graphic Txt Free UToronto
Heaton Dyslexia - Students in Need 2000 PDF subs/$ WileyIntersci
Hecker, John The scientific basis of education...analysis of the temperaments & of phrenological facts; letters to Dept pub 1868 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich

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