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Campbell, Jesse Harrison, 1807-1888 Georgia Baptists: Historical & Biographical 1874 Macon Html Free GeorgiaDLibr
Christian, John T. Did they Dip? An Examination into the Act of Baptism as Practiced by the English & American Baptists Before 16 1896 Louisv Html Free Wayoflife
Conkwright, S. J History of the churches of Boone's Creek Baptist Assn of Kentucky: with a brief history of the Association 1923 Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
Conwell, Russell H.; Robert Shackleton Acres of Diamonds and His Life and Achievements [illus.] 1915 Html Free UVaLib
Conwell, Russell Herman, 1843-1925 Acres of Diamonds [illus.] 1915 Html Free UVaETextL
Cramp, John Mockett, 1731-1881 Baptist history: from the foundation of the Christian church to the close of the 18th c. [Amer Baptist Publ So 1852?] Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Crane, C. B. (Rev.) Sermon on the Occasion of the Death of President Lincoln (S. Baptist Ch., Hartford CT) 1865 Hartfd Html Free EmoryUniv
Crocker, Henry, 1845-1929 History of the Baptists in Vermont 1913BelFall PDF Kindle EPub free CornellU
Cutting, Sewall S Historical vindications: A discourse on the province & uses of Baptist history 1859 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Dadson, Ebenezer William Paris Baptist Church (Ont.) 1893 Paris Graphic Free UCalgary
Dawdy, Marion Whitman Baptists of Beamsville, 1788-1988 [Lincoln, Ont.] 1988 Graphic Free UCalgary
Dexter, Henry Martyn, 1821-90 As to Roger Williams, & his banishment from Massachusetts Plantation; concerning Baptists, Quakers, & religiou 1876 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Duncan, William Cecil, 1824-64 A brief history of the Baptists...from the "beginning of the Gospel" to the present time. Part first: 28 AD-25 1855 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Duncan, William Cecil, 1824-64 The life, character & acts of John the Baptist & relation of his ministry to the Christian dispensation 1860 5ed Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Duncan, William Cocil, 1824-84 History of the early Baptists; from the "beginning of the Gospel" to the rise of affusion as baptism, infant b 1857 3ed Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Dunlevy, A. H. History of the Miami Baptist Assn from...1797 to 1836 [Associations in Ohio] 1869 Html Free BaptistHistory
Dunlevy, A. H. History of the Miami Baptist Assn from...1797 to 1836 [Chapt 1; Ohio] 1869 Html Free BaptistHistory
Dunlevy, A. H. History of the Miami Baptist Assn from...1797 to 1836 [Chapt 2; 1st Baptist Church in Ohio] 1869 Html Free BaptistHistory
Dunlevy, A. H. History of the Miami Baptist Assn from...1797 to 1836 [Chapt 3; New Light Revival; Ohio] 1869 Html Free BaptistHistory
Dunlevy, A. H. History of the Miami Baptist Assn from...1797 to 1836 [Chapt 4; Ohio] 1869 Html Free BaptistHistory
Dunlevy, A. H. History of the Miami Baptist Assn from...1797 to 1836 [Chapt 5; Miami Baptist Assn.; Ohio] 1869 Html Free BaptistHistory
Dunlevy, A. H. History of the Miami Baptist Assn from...1797 to 1836 [Chapt 5; Ohio; biogs of Pastors] 1869 Html Free BaptistHistory
Duvall, James Baptist Controversies: Introduction 2002-3 Html Free BaptistHistory
East N.J. Baptist Assn. Historical Sketch of the Baptist Church at Mount Bethel [N.J.] 1872 Html Free BaptistHistory
Eaton, Thomas Treadwell, 1845-1907 1st annual meeting of the Ky Baptist Hist. Soc., Campbellsville, Ky, 1904: ... as pertain[ing] to the life of 1904 Louisv Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
Everts, W. W The Church in the Wilderness: or, The Baptists Before the Reformation Html Free
First Baptist Church (Calgary, Alta.), Souvenir illustrations: facts of interest, past & present, 1888-1911 1911 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
First Baptist Church, Seduck (Alberta) First Baptist Church: our pilgrimage of faith, 1894 - 1994 [Leduc,Alb.] 1994 Leduc Graphic Free UCalgary
Fisher, Miles Mark, 1899- The History of the Olivet Baptist Church of Chicago 1922 Chi. PDF Kindle EPub Free UIll-Chicago
Florida Baptist Academy (Jacksonville, F Register of the Florida Baptist Academy, Jacksonville, Florida, /catalog of students. 1892 Graphic PDF Free UFlorida
Flynt, J. Wayne, 1940- Alabama Baptists 1998 NetLibr (Ebsco) 29.95 UAlabamaPr
Free Baptists Sacred melodies for conference & prayer meetings, & for social & private devotion. Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Free Baptists. General conference A treatise on the faith of the Free-will Baptists: under the directions of their Gen. conference 1854 6ed Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Fuson, Henry Harvey, 1876-1964 History of the Bell County Assn of Baptists: over a quarter of a century of growth, 1896-1922 1922Covngtn Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
Gammell, William A. M. A History of American Baptist Missions in Asia, Africa, Europe & North America 1849 Bost. Questia subs GouldKendall
Gillette, A. D. God Seen Above All National Calamities (1st Babtist Ch., Washington DC) [Abraham Lincoln] 1865 Wash Html Free EmoryUniv
Graham, Balus Joseph Winzer, 1862- (ed.) Baptist biography 1917Atlanta PDF Kindle EPub free NYPL
Graves, Henry C. David Benedict [Biography; Baptist Qtr.] 1876 Html Free BaptistHistory
Grigsby, Hugh Blair, 1806-81 Discourse on the life & character of the Littleton Waller Tazewell, Freemason St Baptist Ch. 1860 1860 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hadaway, Amos, 1796- Sketches & incidents in the life of Elder Amos Hadaway, of Flowery Branch, Georgia ... w/sermons on the fallen 1882 Html Free GeorgiaDLibr
Hall, B. M. The life of Rev. John Clark [1797-1854; Baptists--Clergy] 1856 NY Graphic Free UCalgary
Haynes, David C The Baptist denomination: Its history, doctrines, & ordinances...Intro. John Dowling... 1856 Maine Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hiscox, Edward T. The Baptist directory: A Guide to the doctrines & practices of Baptist Churches 1868 NY PDF Kindle EPub free UToronto
Hiscox, Edward Thurston, 1814-1901 The Baptist Church Directory: Guide to the doctrines & discipline, ordinances, & practices of Baptist churches 1859 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hovey, Alvah What Was the "Fruit of the Vine" Which Jesus Gave His Disciples at the Institution of the Supper? 1887 Html Free BaptistHistory
Howell, Edward (Clerk) Historical Sketch of the Baptist Church at Morristown [N.J.] 1872 Html Free BaptistHistory
Jackson, Henry, 1798-1863 An account of the churches in Rhode-Island: Rhode-Island Baptist St. Conv., Providence, 1853 1854 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Jeffery, R. The Mission of Abraham Lincoln, A Sermon (4th Baptist Ch., Philadelphia) 1865 Phila Html Free EmoryUniv
Jones, John (Wales) John Myles & His Times [Biography; Baptist Qtr. Rev] 1888 Html Free BaptistHistory
Jones, T. G The Baptists, their origin, continuity, principles, spirit, polity, position, & influence. 1860 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Jones, William 1762-1843 The History of the Christian Church, from the birth of Christ to the 18th C: incl/[an] account of the Waldense 1812/265d Html Free Wayoflife
Jordan, James B., ed The Failure of the American Baptist Culture: A Symposium Html PDF Free EntreWv
Judson, Edward Adoniram Judson: A Biography [Baptist missionary to Burmar (Myanmar); Amer Bapt. Publ. Assn] 1894 Html Free WholesomeWords
Judson, Emily Chubbuck, 1817-54 The Kathayan slave & other papers connected with missionary life [in Burmar (Myanmar)] 1853 Bost. Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Kendrick, Asahel Clark The Life & Letters of Mrs. Emily C. Judson (1817-54) [Baptist(?) missionary to Burma (Myanmar)] 1860 NY Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Kirtley, James A. History of Big Bone Baptist Church [Boone County, Ky.] 1882? Html Free BaptistHistory
Kirtley, R.E. History of Sand Run Baptist Church [Boone County, Ky] 1876] Html Free BaptistHistory
Levington, John (Rev) Scripture baptism defended, & Anabaptist notions proved to be anti-Scriptural novelties 1865] Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Levy, Edgar Mortimer, b. 1822 History of the Newark Baptist City Mission from its origin, 1851-1868 [illus.] 1869 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Love, Emanuel King History of the First African Baptist Church, From its Organization, Jan 1788 -July 1888 [illus.] 1888 Html Free DocAmerSouth
Lowry, Robert Selected Poetry of ROBERT LOWRY (1826-1899) 1998 Html Free UToronto
McBeth, Leon Texas Baptists 1998 NetLibr (Ebsco) 19.95 EakinPr
National Baptist Educ. Conv. Proceedings 1870] Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
National Baptist Educ. Conv. Proceedings 1870]- Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
no author Centennial history of the First Baptist Church, 1813-1913 Graphic Free CornellU
North Carolina Chowan Baptist Associatio Minutes of the 56ht Annual Session of the Chowan Baptist Assn. Church at Middle Swamp, Gates Co., NC, May 1862 1862 Html Free DocAmerSouth
Northrop, Henry Davenport Life & works of Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon [1834-92]: a graphic account of the greatest [Baptist] preacher of mo 1890 Brntfd Graphic Free UCalgary
Nott, Richard Means], 1831-80 Memoirs of Abner Kingman Nott, late pastor, 1st Baptist Church in NYC Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Nowlin, William Dudley, 1864-1950 Kentucky Baptist history, 1770-1922 1922Louisvl PDF Kindle EPub free LincolnFinlCol
Ohio. Columbia Baptist Church Statement of Faith, Cincinnati, OH [1st Church in the Northwest Territory] 1790 Html Free BaptistHistory
Olive, Johnson One of the Wonders of the Age: or, The Life and Times of Rev. Johnson Olive, N.C. 1886 Html Free DocAmerSouth
Orchard, G. H Concise hist. of foreign Baptists: from the N.T., the first fathers, early writers, of all ages [illus.] 1855] Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Pankey, William Russell History of the Churches of the Pittsburgh Baptist Association c1939] Phil Graphic Txt Free HstPittsburgh
Peck, John, 1780-1849 & John Lawton An historcal sketch of the Baptist missionary convention of the state of New York ... central & western ... biographical notices ... 1837 Utica PDF Kindle EPub free NYPL
Pendleton, James Madison 1811-1891 Reminiscences of a long life [Baptist Book Concern] 1891 Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib

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