U.S. History: The Frontier, Pioneers (US West)

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Read, Tracey Acres & empires: a history of the Municipal District of Rocky View no. 44 [Alberta] 1983 Graphic Free UCalgary
Regina Ethnic Pioneers Cemetery Walking Regina Cemetery Walking Tour: Tour 1: City Founding Fathers (Blue Tour) [British Canadians] 2000 Regina Graphic Free UCalgary
Regina Ethnic Pioneers Cemetery Walking Regina Ethnic Pioneers Cemetery Walking Tour; Multicultural Tour 2 (white tour) [Pioneers] 1999 Regina Graphic Free UCalgary
Reid, Agnes Just Letters of Long Ago [illus.; pioneer woman's life in early Idaho] 1923 Idaho Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Reimann, Lewis Charles Between the Iron & the Pine: A Biography of a Pioneer Family & a Pioneer Town [German immigrants; boarding hou 1951 Html Graphic Free Libr Congress
Richardson, Albert D. Beyond the Mississippi: From the Great River to the Great Ocean: Life... on the Prairies, Mountains & Pacific 1869 Hartfd Questia subs AmerPublCo
Richardson, Albert Deane, 1833-69 Beyond the Mississippi:...Life & adventure on the prairies, mountains, & Pacific coast.... Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Ridge, Martin Frontier And Region 1997 NetLibr (Ebsco) 29.95 HuntingtnLibP
Riley, Glenda, 1938- Women And Indians On The Frontier, 1825-1915 1984 NetLibr (Ebsco) 17.95 UNewMexicoPr
Robinson, John Hovey (b. 1825) Rosalthe; or, The Pioneers of Kentucky [fiction] 1853] Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Robinson, Sara T. L Kansas: Its Interior & Exterior Life, incl. Settlement, Political History, Social Life, Climate, Soil... 1856 Html Free KansasCol
Roenigk, Adolph Pioneer History of Kansas n.d. Html Free KansasCol
Rolvaag, O. E. I de dage--: fortaelling om norske nykommere i Amerika [Dakota, Norwegians, frontier & pioneer life] 1924 Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Rolvaag, O. E. I de dage--: riket grundlaegges [Dakota, Norwegians, frontier & pioneer life] 1925 Oslo Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919 Hunting Trips of a Ranchman of sport on the northern cattle plains [Medora edition; illus.] 1885 Html Free Bartleby
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919 Ranch Life & the Hunting-Trail [illus. by Frederic Remington] 1888/96 Html Free Bartleby
Root, Frank A. & William E Connelley The Overland Stage To California...History of the Great Overland Stage Line & Pony Express... 1901 Html Graphic Free USGenNet
Ross, Alexander 1783-1856 Letters of a pioneer, Alexander Ross (ed. George Bryce) [fur traders] 1903 Winnip Graphic Free UAlberta
Rowbotham, Francis Jameson A trip to prairie-land: A glance at the shady side of emigration: I.--The life on the prairie: II.--The farmin 1885 Lond. Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Scadding, Henry Horace Canadianizing: Early pioneer life in Canada, recalled by sayings of the Latin poet Horace: the Log Shan 1894Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Scadding, Henry HORACE: Horace Canadianizing, early pioneer life in Canada recalled by the sayings of the Latin poet Horace be 1894Toronto Graphic Free UCalgary
Schlagintweit, Robert Die Prairien des amerikanischen Westens [in German] 1876 Coln Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864 Personal Memoirs of a Residence of 30 Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers [Old Northwest; d 1851 Html Graphic Free Libr Congress
Schuster, Eilleen Lupastin Regina Cemetery Walking Tour: Multicultural Tour 2 (White Tour) 1999 Regina Graphic Free UCalgary
Schuster, Eilleen Lupastin Regina Ethnic Pioneers Cemetery Walking Tour; Multicultural Tour 2 (white tour) 1999 Regina Graphic Free UCalgary
Schuyler, Montgomery, 1814-96 The Pioneer Church, or, The Story of a New Parish in the West [fiction] 1867 Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Sealsfield, Charles 1793-1864 Life in the New world, or, Sketches of American society (tr. Gustavus C Hebbe) [German; US desc. & travel; fro c1844 NY Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Sealsfield, Charles, 1793-1864 Frontier Life, or, Scenes & Adventures in the South West [fiction] 1853 Graphic Html Free WrightAmFict
Sellar, Gordon The true makers of Canada. The narrative of Gordon Sellar, who emigrated to Canada in 1825 [pioneer life--Onta 1916Toronto PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Sharp, William Frederick, 1941- Slavery On The Spanish Frontier 1976 NetLibr (Ebsco) 16.95 UOklahomaPr
Shaw, Anna Howard The Story of a Pioneer [Scottish immigrants; Shaws of Rothiemurchus, in Scotland] n.d. Html Free ElecScotland
Shea, John Dawson G., 1824-92 ed&tr Perils of the ocean & wilderness Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Sherman, James E & Edward F. Ronstadt Wagon Making in Southern Arizona [Smoke Signal #31] 1975 Html Free UArizon
Shoemaker (?) Shoemaker overland diary, 1850 [Mich to Calif; gold] 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Simmons, H. M. Pioneer life in Kenosha County [Wisc.] 1876Kenosha Graphic Free UWiscMadison
Skinner, Constance Lindsay Pioneers of the Old Southwest: A chronicle of the dark & bloody ground (Chronicles of Amer. Ser. # 5) 1920NHavn Graphic PDF Free Harvard
Slatta, Richard W., 1947- Comparing Cowboys And Frontiers 1997 NetLibr (Ebsco) 24.95 UOklahomaPr
Smith, Bathsheba W. Bigler, 1822-1910 Diary, 1847 & 1873. [Mormon pioneer from W.Va., Mo., Nauvoo ILL, to Salt Lake; first wife of Geo. Albert Smit 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Smith, Job, 1828-1913 Diary & autobiography, 1849-1877 [Mormon missionary, pioneer; frm Engl.; cholera, Dakota Indians; capt of the 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Smith, Sarah Hathaway Bixby, 1871-1935 Adobe Days; being the truthful narrative of the events in the life of a California girl on a sheep ranch; 1853 1925 Html Free Libr Congress
Sodaro, Craig Frontier Spirit 1996 NetLibr (Ebsco) 17.95 JohnsonBks
Sonnichsen, C. L. (Charles Leland Tularosa, Last Of The Frontier West 1980 NetLibr (Ebsco) 15.95 UNewMexicoPr
Spooner, Elijah Allen, 1811-1879 (of Mas Letters and Diary, 1849-1850. [1500 letters to wife; Mich. to Calif.; Indians; buffalo hunting; religious fait 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Spooner, Walter Whipple, 1861- Indian tales for boys, or, The back-woodsman & true stories of the frontier [illus., O M Spencer] 1883? Cinc. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Stanley, Edwin James, 1848-1919 Life of Rev. L. B. Stateler: Life on the Old Frontier, incidents...of Methodist history in the West & N.W.] c1907/1916 Graphic Html Free KentuckyDLib
Steffen, Jerome O., 1942- Comparative Frontiers, A Proposal For Studying The American Wes 1980 NetLibr (Ebsco) 24.95 UOklahomaPr
Stephens, Kate American Thumb-Prints: Mettle of our Men and Women 1905 Html Free KansasCol
Stephens, Kate Life at Laurel Town in Anglo-Saxon Kansas [illus.] 1920/1936 Html Free KansasCol
Stephenson, Isaac Recollecions of a Long Life, 1829-1915 1915 Html Graphic Free Libr Congress
Stewart, Elinore Pruitt Letters of a Woman Homesteader Html Free UVaETextL
Stewart, Elinore Pruitt Letters of a Woman Homesteader 1847 Html Free UVaLib
Stewart, Elinore Pruitt Letters of a Woman Homesteader [illus. N C Weyth; "housekeeper" in Burnt Fork, Wyoming] 1914 Bost. Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Stimson, Hiram K., b. 1804 From stage coach to pulpit: Autobiograph[y] of the pioneer of western NY; now of Kansas [illus.] 1874 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Strickland, William Peter, 1809-84 The pioneer bishop Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Sullivan, May Kellogg A woman who went to Alaska [illus.; Klondike River Val. - gold disc.; pioneer life; living & working cond.] 1903c 6dBos Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Tate, Michael L The Frontier Army In The Settlement Of The West 1999 NetLibr (Ebsco) 34.95 UOklahomaPr
Tefler, W. P. Humboldt on the Carlton trail [frontier & pioneer life --Humboldt region (Sask.)] 1975 Graphic Free UCalgary
Thomas & Galatian (Publ.) Indian & Pioneer History of the Saginaw Valley: w/histories of East Saginaw, Saginaw City, & Bay City, from th 1866 Graphic TxtPDF Free UMichigan
Thompson, Daniel Piere, 1795-1868 Gaut Gurley; or, The trappers of Umbagog. A tale of border life. 1857 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Thompson, Daniel Piere, 1795-1868 Locke Amsden, or, The schoolmaster: A tale [frontier life in VT-fiction] 1847 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Thompson, John, 1953- Closing The Frontier 1986 NetLibr (Ebsco) 27.95 UOklahomaPr
Thompson, Samuel 1810-1886 Reminiscences of a Canadian pioneer: for the last fifty years, 1833-1883: an autobiography [Journalists --Ont 1968 Graphic Free UCalgary
Thorpe, Thomas Bangs The Hive of 'The Bee-Hunter': A Repository of Sketches, including Peculiar American Character, Scenery, & Rura 1854 Html Free DocAmerSouth
Tolles, James, b. 1828 or 9 (frm ILL) Journal, 1849-1850 [Prospector, pioneer, & farmer; ILL to Calif. by ox team; disappointing mines; delivering 200-? Graphic Html Free BYU [LC]
Tome, Philip Pioneer Life: or, Thirty Years a Hunter, ...Adventures of the Life of Philip Tome [Pennsylvania] 1854/1928 PDF Free a2Dogs
Triplett, Frank Conquering the Wilderness; or, New pictorial history of ... the pioneer heroes & heroines of America ... [1. A c1883] Chi. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Turner, Chipman P Pioneer Period of Western NY Graphic Free CornellU
Turner, Frederick Jackson The Frontier in American History 1947 Questia subs Holt
Turner, Frederick Jackson The Frontier in American History 1935 Html Free UVa-AmStd
Turner, Frederick Jackson The frontier in American History 1920 NY Graphic Free CornellU
Turner, Frederick Jackson, 1861-1 History, Frontier, And Section 1993 NetLibr (Ebsco) 11.95 UNewMexicoPr
Turner, Orsamus Pioneer history of the Holland purchase of Western NY Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Turner, Orsamus Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western NY: Account of Ancient Remains...Iroquois...Erie C 1850 Graphic Free CornellU
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Report: Expl. across Utah for a direct wagon-route, Camp Floyd to Genoa, Carson Valley, 1859 1876 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
United Church of Canada. Alberta Confere [Robert Terrill] Rundle [1811-96] in Alberta, 1840-1848: To honour the memory of a pioneer [United Church of C 1940 Edmntn Graphic Free UAlberta

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