Economic History


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Darley, Andrew Visual Digital Culture: Surface Play and Spectacle in New Media Genres 2001 Adobe eBook 16.49 Routledge
Dart, Joseph, 1789?-1879 The grain elevators of Buffalo. Read before the society, March 13, 1865 Graphic Free CornellU
Davis, Andrews McFarland A Connecticut Land Bank of the Eighteenth Century (Q Jrnl Economics) 1898 Html Free DinsmoreDoc
Davis, Andrews McFarland Currency Discussions in Massachusetts in the Eighteenth Century, Part I (Q. J. Econ.) 1896 Html Free DinsmoreDoc
Davis, Andrews McFarland Currency Discussions in Massachusetts in the Eighteenth Century, Part II (Q. J. Econ.) 1897 Html Free DinsmoreDoc
Davis, William Stearns Life on a Mediaeval Barony: A Picture of a Typical Feudal Community in the 13th c [illus.] 1990 Questia subs Biblo&Tannen
Davis, William Stearns Life on a Mediaeval Barony: A Picture of a Typical Feudal Community in the 13th c [illus.] 1923 Questia subs Harper
Dawson, Philip (Sir) 1867-1938 Germany's Industrial Revival [economic conditions] 1926 Lond. Graphic Txt Free UToronto
De Voe, Thomas Farmington The Market Assistant: ...a brief description of every article of human food sold in the public markets of NY, 1866] NY Graphic Html Free CornellU
De Voe, Thomas Farmington The Market Assistant: ...a Brief Description of Every Article of Human Food Sold in the Public Markets of NYC, 1867 NY Graphic HtmPDF Free MichStUnv
Dhari, Alakh Co-Operative Credit In Gwalior State: A Scheme for Developing Co-Operative Movement ... Agriculture, Commerce, 1915Lucknw Graphic Free DigLibrIndia
Dies, Edward Jerome The plunger; a tale of the wheat pit [grain trade; Chicago Bd Trade] 1929 NY Graphic Free CornellU
Dillaye, Stephen Devalson, 1820-1884 The money & the finances of the French revolution of 1789. Assignats & mandats: ... incl. examination of Andre 1877 Graphic Free UMichigan
Duff's College (Pittsburgh, Pa.) Duff's College: established 1840; ...the first Mercantile College Started in America. 1890ca] Chi Graphic Txt Free HstPittsburgh
Dunckley, Henry The Glory & the Shame of Britain: Essay on the Condition & Claims of the Working Classes [Religious T 1851 Lond Graphic Free CornellU
Dutt, Romesh Chunder, 1848-1909 The economic history of India (intro D. R. Gadgil) 1970 Graphic Free UMichigan
Duval, William Pope, 1784-1854 The argument on claim of the citizens of TX for compensation for property taken by the Camanches since the ann Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
East, Edward Murray Mankind at the crossroads [population; eugenics; food supply; econ hist.] 1923 NY Graphic Free CornellU
Edmundson, George, 1848-1930 Anglo-Dutch Rivalry during the first half of the 17th c., (Ford lectures, Oxford, 1910) [bibliog.: p. 175-76; 1911 Oxford PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Edwards, Frederick On the Extravagant Use of Fuel in Cooking Operations; with a short account of Bejamin Count of Rumford, & his 1869 Lond. Graphic Html Free CornellU
Ekwall, Eilbert Two Early London Subsidy Rolls [lay subsidies raised in London, 1292 & 1319; by ward, w/names, occupations] 1951 Html Free ULondon-IHR
Elder, John Rawson, 1880- The Royal Fishery Companies of the Seventeenth Century [fisheries; foreign relations Netherlands] 1912 Edinbg PDF Kindle EPub Free UCLA
Elder, William, 1806-85 Questions of the day: economic & social Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Ellis, William Turner Memories: My Seventy-Two Years in the Romantic County of Yuba, California [mines, floods, business] 1939 Html Free Libr Congress
Elton, Charles Isaac A Treatise on Commons & Wastelands: With Special Reference to the Law of Approvement 1868 Lond. Graphic or PDF Free Google
Elton, Charles Isaac The Tenures of Kent 1867 Lond. Graphic or PDF Free Google
England & Wales. Parliament [tract] An ordinance & declaration of the ... assembled in Parliament for raising, maintaining, paying, & regulating o 1644 Lond. Graphic Free UMissouri
England & Wales. Parliament [tract] To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, the humble answer of the Lords & Commons Assembled in Parliament, ... to 1642 Lond. Graphic Free UMissouri
England & Wales. [Tract] England & Wales. An act for appointing commissioners for sale of prize-goods 1649 Lond. Graphic Free UMissouri
England & Wales. [Tract] England & Wales. An act for paying one peny upon every gallon for excize on all forraign salt 1649] Lond. Graphic Free UMissouri
Estienne, Henri, 1528-1598 The Frankfort book fair. The Francofordiense emporium of Henri Estienne. Ed./intro. w/English translation by J 1911 Chi. Graphic Free CMU-Posner
Ettor, Joseph Industrial Unionism the Road to Freedom [IWW] 1913 Html Free UArizona
Everest, Allan Seymour Morgenthau, the New Deal, & Silver: A Story of Pressure Politics 1950 Questia subs ColumbiaUPr
Ewing, William Creasy Notices of the merchants' marks in the city of Norwich [Trade marks, Eng.] 1850Norwich Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Fabel, Robin F. A. The Economy of British West Florida, 1763-1783 1988 Questia subs UAlabamaPr
Fairchild, George T. Rural Wealth & Welfare: Economic Principles Illustrated & Applied in Farm Life 1900 Graphic Free CornellU
Farmer, August Neustadt Food problems to illustrate the meaning of food c1918 Bost. Graphic Txt Free Harvard
Farrand, Max The Indian Boundary Line (Am Hist Rev) 1905 Html Free DinsmoreDoc
Fay, C. R. Adam Smith & the Scotland of His Day 1956 Cambg Questia subs CambridgeUP
Fay, Charles Ryle, 1884- Great Britain from Adam Smith to the present day: an economic & social survey [econ & soc. conditions] 1928 Lond. Graphic Txt Free UToronto
Fell, Sarah Household Account Book of Sarah Fell: of Swarthmoor Hall (ed. Norman Penny; tr. Miss C Fell-Smith) [2nd hal 1920 Cambg. PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Field, William A Board of Agriculture for Ireland 1892 Html Free QuinnipiacU
Financial Reform Assn (Liverpool, Englan The Hudson's Bay Company vs. Magna Charta, & the British people. [England: Financial Reform Association] 1857]Liverp Graphic Free UAlberta
Firth, Raymond Primitive Economics of the New Zealand Maori (pref: R.H. Tawney) 1929 Questia subs Dutton
Fisher, George, accomptant. The instructor...Young man's best companion: spelling, reading, writing & arithmetic...letters on business, fo 1792 Lond Graphic PDF Free UPittsburgh
Fisher, Irving Prohibition at Its Worst 1926 Questia subs Macmillan
Fisher, Irving Prohibition Still at Its Worst 1926 Questia subs Macmillan
Fisk, Harvey E. English Public Finance from the Revolution of 1688, With Chapters on the Bank of England... 1920 NY Questia subs BankersTrust
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley Sabotage: The Conscious Withdrawal of the Workers' Industrial Efficiency [IWW] 1916 Html Free UArizona
Ford, A. G. The Gold Standard, 1880-1914: Britain & Argentina 1962 Oxford Questia subs Clarendon
Forster, Cindy, 1957- The time of Freedom: Campesino workers in Guatemala's October Revolution 2001 Pittsb PDF Graphic Free UPittsburghPr
Foster, William (Sir) England's Quest of Eastern Trade 1933 Questia subs A&CBlack
Foust, Clifford M. Muscovite & Mandarin Russia's Trade with China & Its Setting, 1727-1805 1969 Questia subs UNCarolinaPr
Francis, John History of the Bank of England, 1694-1844 1862 1sAmer Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Fraser, Helen Women & War Work 1918 NY Graphic Html Free CornellU
Frasse ( Peter A., ) & Company, Inc One Century in Business, 1816-1916 Graphic Free CornellU
Freehoff, Joseph C., b. 1864 New analysis showing that 5 cents covers the actual & necessary cost of carrying a passenger on c1925 Graphic Html Free UMichigan
Freneau, Philip Prices Current at New York 1795 Html Free DigPresence
Frias y Jacott, Francisco de, conde de P Coleccion de escritos sobre agricultura industria, ciencias y otros ramos de interes para la Isla de Cuba.. 1860- Graphic TxtPDF Free UMichigan
Frost, Thomas, 1821-1908 The old showmen, & the old London fairs [Fairs--England] 1874 Graphic Free UMichigan
Fuchs, Karl Johannes The Trade Policy of Great Britain & Her Colonies Since 1860 (tr. Constance H M Archibald) 1905 Lond. Graphic or PDF Free Google
Fulton Savings Bank Fifty Years of Service. The purpose & safety of savings banks, &...sketch of the Fulton Savings Graphic Free CornellU
Gapinski, James H. The Economic Structure & Failure of Yugoslavia 1993 Questia subs Praeger
Gayer, Arthur D. Public Works in Prosperity & Depression 1935 Questia subs NatBurEconRes
General Soc. Mechanics & Tradesman NYC 1 Historical Sketch & Government of the Gen. Soc. of Mechanics & Tradesman of NYC Graphic Free CornellU
Germany (1945-1955: U.S. Zone). Military A year of Potsdam, the German economy since the surrender 1945] Graphic Free UWiscMadison
Germany (1945-1955: U.S. Zone). Military Property control in the U.S.-occupied area of Germany, 1945-1949. Special report, July 1949 1949] Graphic Free UWiscMadison
Gild of St. Mary (Lichfield, Staffordshi The Gild of St. Mary, Lichfield; being ordinances of the gild of St. Mary, & other docs. [EETS; ed. F J Furnival] 1920 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free VictoriaU(Can)
Glasberg, Davita Silfen The Power of Collective Purse Strings: The Effect of Bank Hegemony on Corporations & the State 1989 Html Free UCaPress
Gootenberg, Paul Imagining Development: Economic Ideas in Peru's "Fictitious Prosperity" of Guano, 1840-1880 1993 Html Free UCaPress
Gorechi, Piotr Economy, Society, & Lordship in Medieval Poland, 1100-1250 1992 Questia subs Holmes&Meier
Grant, Joseph M The Great Texas Banking Crash 1996 NetLibr (Ebsco) 29.95 UTexasPress
Gratz, Gustav & Richard Schuller The Economic Policy of Austria-Hungary during the War in Its External Relations (tr. W A Phillips & M A Lecky 1928 Questia subs YaleUPr
Great Britain Domesday Book: Or the Great Survey of England of William the Conqueror A.D. MLXXXVI. Facsimile... 1862 Graphic or PDF Free Google
Great Britain. Office-Holders in Modern Britain: v 1 Teasury Officials 1660-1870 1972 Html Free ULondon-IHR

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