Economic History


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Great Britain. Office-Holders in Modern Britain: v 3 Officials of the Boards of Trade 1660-1870 1974 Html Free ULondon-IHR
Great Britain. Laws & Statutes An aditionall ordinance of the Lords & Commons ...for the better taking & expediting the accompts of the whole 1645 Lond. Graphic Free UMissouri
Great Britain. Laws & Statutes An ordinance of the Lords & Commons ... authorizing ... for the Army & Treasurers at Wars, for the better levy 1647 Lond. Graphic Free UMissouri
Great Britain. Laws & Statutes An ordinance of the Lords & Commons For securing of all those that shall advance 200 thousand pounds for the s 1647 Lond. Graphic Free UMissouri
Great Britain. Laws & Statutes An ordinance of the Lords & Commons With the names of the knights & gentlemen bring up a speedy account of the 1643 Lond. Graphic Free UMissouri
Great Britain. Parliament. Commons Report from the Committee Appointed to Inquire into the State ...of the countries adjoining Hudson's Bay, & of 1749 Lond. Graphic Free UAlberta
Grebler, Leo The Cost of the World War to Germany & to Austria-Hungary, 1940 Graphic Free UMichigan
Green, Constance McLaughlin Holyoke, Massachusetts: A Case History of the Industrial Revolution in America 1939 Questia subs YaleUPr
Green, Donald P., et. al. From Lynching to Gay Bashing: The Elusive Connection Between Economic Conditions & Hate Crime (J Personality & 1998 PDF Free YaleU
Greenlaw, Ralph W. (ed.) The Economic Origins of the French Revolution: Poverty Or Prosperity? 1958 Questia subs Heath
Groethuysen, Bernhard, 1880-1946 Origines de l'esprit bourgeois en France ... 1927- Graphic Free UMichigan
Guardian of the poor The Irish Peasant: A sociological study [peasantry -- social conditions] 1892 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCLA
Haight, Frank Arnold A History of French Commercial Policies 1941 NY Questia subs Macmillan
Hale, William Hale Account of the Executors of Richard Bishop of London 1303...& of Thomas Bishop of Exeter 1310... 1874 Graphic Free CornellU
Hansen, Alvin Harvey, 1887-1975 Cycles of Prosperity & Depression in the U.S., Great Britain & Germany: A study of monthly data 1902-1908 [bib 1921Madison PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Harbeson, John Frederick, 1888- The study of architectural design, w/spec. ref. to the program of the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design 1926 NY Graphic Txt Free UToronto
Harris, William Richard, 1847-1923 A forgotten People: The Flint Workers. Paper read before the society, Mar 23, 1896 Graphic Free CornellU
Hartley, John Uses of Television 2001 Adobe eBook 17.99 Routledge
Hartog, Hendrik Public Property & Private Power: The Corporation of the City of New York in American Law, 1730-1870 1983 Questia subs UNCarolinaPr
Hauser, Henri Germany's Commercial Grip on the World: Her Business Methods Explained (tr. Manfred Emanuel) 1918 NY Graphic or PDF Free Google
Hauser, Henri, 1866-1946 Recherches et documents sur l'histoire des prix en France de 1500 a 1800 1936 Graphic Free UMichigan
Haydu, Jeffrey Between Craft & Class: Skilled Workers & Factory Politics in the U.S. & Britain, 1890-1922 1991 Html Free UCaPress
Hayes, John Lord, 1812-87 The solidarity of the industries, illust'd by relations of woollen manufacture. Address, NYC 1870 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Haynes, H. Valentine Federation: or, a Machiavellian Solution to the Australian L 1891 PDF Free USydney(Aus)
Henderson, William Otto 1904- The State & the Industrial Revolution in Prussia, 1740-1870 1958 Graphic Free UMichigan
Henry, Alice The Trade Union Woman [illus.] (w/bibliography) [suffrage] 1915 Html Free Libr Congress
Henry, Alice The Trade Union Woman [illus.] (w/bibliography) [suffrage] 1915 NY Graphic Html Free CornellU
Henson, Margaret Swett, 1924- Samuel May Williams, Early Texas Entrepreneur 1976 NetLibr (Ebsco) 24.95 TexasA&MUPr
Herr, Richard Rural Change & Royal Finances in Spain at the End of the Old Regime 1989 Html Free UCaPress
Hill, William Colonial Tariffs (Q J Economics) 1892 Html Free DinsmoreDoc
Hitchcock, Timothy V. (ed.) Richard Hutton's Complaints Book: Notebook of the Steward of the Quaker Workhouse at Clerkenwell, 1711-37 [ s 1987 Html Free ULondon-IHR
Hobson, John Atkinson, 1858-1940 The Social Problem: Life & Work [book 1: The science of social progress; book 2: The art of social progress] 1919 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Hoffman, Murray, 1791-1878 Treatise upon the estate & rights...of the City of New York, as proprietors v1 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hoffman, Murray, 1791-1878 Treatise upon the estate & rights...of the City of New York, as proprietors v2 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Hogeland, Alexander Centennial report of the business of Louisville, Ky., New Albany & Jeffersonville, Ind., & the mineral & agric 1876 Louisv Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
Hogeland, Alexander (comp.) Centennial report of the mineral & agricultural resources of Kentucky: and the commercial advantages of the ci 1877 Louisv Graphic Txt Free KentuckyDLib
Hollander, Jacob H. ] Marsh, Elsie A G (comp.) Addenda to the Economic Library of Jacob H. Hollander [typescript] 1940? Balt? PDF Kindle EPub Free UIll-Urbana
Hooker, Roland Mather The Colonial Trade of Connecticut 1936 Questia subs YaleUPr
Hoover, Calvin B. The Economic Life of Soviet Russia 1931 Questia subs Macmillan
Hopkins, John A. Economic History of the Production of Beef Cattle in Iowa 1928 Graphic Free CornellU
Howard H. Manko Solders and Soldering 2001 Adobe eBook 79.95 McGrawHill An Economic Record of Presidential Performance: From Truman to Bush Questia subs
Hughes, John (Rev) A Lecture on the Antecedent Causes of the Irish Famine in 1847 (Comm. for the Relief of the Suffering Poor in 1847 NY Html Free UVa
Hulsink, Willem Privatisation & Liberalisation in European Telecommunications: Comparing Britain, the Netherlands & France 2001 Adobe eBook 68.00 Routledge
Hurst, Gerald Berkeley 1877-1957 British Imperialism in the Eighteenth Century [economic policy; colonies; 18th c.] 1908 Lond. PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
India. Forest Dept. Memorandum on the estab. of a factory for impregnating pine sleepers from the N-W Himalaya w/metallic salts 1878] Simla PDF Kindle EPub Free UToronto
Ingalls, Walter Renton, b. 1865 Lead & Zinc in the US: ... an economic history of the mining & smelting of the metals & the conditions which h 1908 NY PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Innis, Mary Quayle An Economic History of Canada 1935 Questia subs Ryerson Press
Inside the Minds Staff Chief Technology Officers: ...the Secrets to Developing, Implementing, and Capitalizing on the Best Technologi 2001 Adobe eBook 21.95 AspatoreBks
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co. (firm) Semi-centenary of the J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Limited, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, established 1869 1919 Winnpg Graphic Free UCalgary
Jaffray, James P. Kitchener, the industrial city: birthplace of the great Niagara power movement: ... mfg. of tires, rubber foot 1929?] Graphic Free UCalgary
Janin, Louis (of New Orleans) A protest to the Sec of Interior...[re] the maladministration of the US land office, New Orleans 1873 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Jenks, Leland Hamilton, 1892- Our Cuban colony, A study in sugar [illus.; "economic imperialism"] 1928] NY Graphic TxtPDF Free UMichigan
Jennings Publ. Co. Calgary, Alberta, merchants & manufacturers record: the manufacturing, jobbing & commercial center of the Cana 1911 Calgry Graphic Free UCalgary
Jennings, Kenneth M. Labor Relations at the New York Daily News: Peripheral Bargaining & the 1990 Strike 1993 Questia subs Praeger
Jennings, Walter W. A History of Economic Progress in the US 1926 Questia subs Crowell
Jeremie, Nicolas (1669-1732) Twenty years of York Factory, 1694-1714: Jeremie's account of Hudson Strait & Bay: (tr. Robert Douglas) [illus 1720/1926 Graphic Free UAlberta
Jernegan, Marcus W. Slavery & the Beginnings of Industrialism in the American Colonies (Am Hist Rev) 1920 Html Free DinsmoreDoc
Johnson, Charles Spurgeon Shadow of the plantation [plantation life; Alabama] 1934Chicago Graphic Free CornellU
Johnson, E.A.J. An Economic History of Modern England 1939 Questia subs ThomasNelson
Johnson, Emery R Geographic Influences Affecting the Early Development of American Commerce (Bull Amer Geog Soc) 1908 Html Free DinsmoreDoc
Johnson, Emory R., et. al. History of Domestic & Foreign Commerce of the US, v 1 1915 Wash. Questia subs CarnegieInst
Johnson, Joshua Joshua Johnson's Letterbook (1771-74) Letters from a merchant in London to his partners in Maryland [imperial 1979 Html Free ULondon-IHR
Johnson, Tom L. My Story [by the mayor of Cleveland, Ohio; monolopy, etc.; ed. Elizabeth J. Hauser] 1911 Html Free ClevelandStU
Johnston, James Finlay Weir Notes on North-America, Agricultural, Economical & Social, v1 [incl Canada] 1851 Edinb Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Johnston, James Finlay Weir Notes on North-America, Agricultural, Economical & Social, v2 [incl Canada] 1851 Edinb Graphic PDF Free UGoettingen
Jones, John Percival, 1829-1912 Resumption:...Impossibility of resuming specie payments...without the standard of gold & silver, Speech, Senat 1876 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich
Joubert, Alfred Les finances de la France, leur origine, leur histoire 1893 2dPari Graphic or PDF Free Google
Juliany, Jules Essai sur le commerce de Marseille, v 3 1842 Marsll Graphic or PDF Free Google
Kallet, Lisa Money, Expense, & Naval Power in Thucydides' History 1-5.24 1993 Html Free UCaPress
Kaser, M. C. (ed.) The Economic History of Eastern Europe, 1919-1975, v 1: Economic Structure & Performance between the Two Wars 1985 Questia subs OxfordUP
Kaye, Percy Lewis English Colonial Administration under Lord Clarendon, 1660-1667 1905 Balt. PDF Kindle EPub Free UCalifornia
Keene, D J & Vanessa Harding (ed.) Hist. Gazetteer of London before the Great Fire Cheapside; parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomar 1987 12-17t Html Free ULondon-IHR
Keene, Derek, et. al. Metropolitan London in the 1690s Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-4 for the City of London, City of Westmi 1992 Html Free ULondon-IHR
Kelley, William Darrah, 1814-90 Reasons for abandoning the theory of free trade, & adopting the principle of protection 1872 Graphic Html Free MOA-UMich

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