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Rey, Jean, ca. 1852-ca.1645 1630: Enquiry into the Cause wherefore Tin & Lead Increase in Weight on Calcination 1630/1895 Html Free LeMoyne
Bacon, Francis (Sir) 1630: Novum Organum [excerpts; "on the nature of heat"] 1620/ Html Free LeMoyne
Briggs, Henry 1631: Trigonometria Britannica [tr./annotated Ian Bruce] 1631 Html Free MacTutorMath
Torricelli, Evangelista, 1608-1657 1644: Letter to Michelangelo Ricci concerning the Barometer 1644 html Free LeMoyne
Helmont, Jan Baptist van, 1579-1644 1648: Ortus medicinae ["3 short excerpts from the border of alchemy & chemistry"] 1648/62/64 Html Free LeMoyne
Culpeper, Nicholas 1652: The English Physitian: or an Astrologo-Physical Discourse of the Vulgar Herbs of This Nation [illus.] 1652 Lond Html Free YaleU-Med
Zonca, Vittorio 1656: Novo teatro di machine et edificii per uarie et sicure operationi: Co le loro figure tagliate i 1656 Padoua Graphic Free CornellU
Huygens, Christiaan 1659: Systema Saturnium [The System of Saturn] (Intro Ronald Brashear] 1659/1999 Facsimile Free Smithsonian
Boyle, Robert 1661: The Sceptical Chymist [facsimile] 1661 Graphic Free UPa
Boyle, Robert 1661: The Sceptical Chymist [excerpts; "dialogue concerning the nature & number of the elements"] 1661 Html Free LeMoyne
Bockler, George andreas 1661: Theatrum Machinarum Novum: Neu-vermehrter Schauplatz der mechanischen Kunsten, handelt von alle 1661 Nurnbg Graphic Free CornellU
Boyle, Robert 1662: Boyle's law (A Defence of the Doctrine Touching the Spring & Weight of the Air) 1662 Graphic Free ChemTeam
Gregory, James 1663: Optica Promota ["theory of the 1st reflecting telescope & elliptic & hyperbolic lenses & mirrors from a 1663 PDF Free CenturyMaths
Hooke, Robert 1635-1703 1667: Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses with observ 1667 2dLond Graphic Free UWiscMadison
Boyle, Robert 1672: Tracts Written...Containing New Experiments, Touching the Relation Between Flame & Air. & About Explosio 1672 Html Free LeMoyne
Mayow, John, 1640-1679 1674: First Treatise: On Sal Nitrum & Nitro-Aerial Spirit [on air: nurtures flame & supports respiration"](frm 1674 Html Free LeMoyne
Roemer, Olaf (Ole), 1644-1710 1677: A Demonstration concerning the Motion of Light,...from Paris (Phil Trans Royal Soc) [speed of light] 1677 Html Graphic Free ChemTeam
Willis, Thomas, 1621-75 1691: Plain & easie method for preserving (by God's blessing) those that are well from the infection of the pl 1691 Lond Html Graphic Free YaleU-Med
Stahl, Georg Ernst, 1660-1734 1697: [extract from] Zymotechnia fundamentalis... ["3 passages from the father of phlogiston"] 1697 Html Free LeMoyne
Newton, Isaac (Sir) 1642-1727 1704: Opticks: or, A treatise of the reflextions, refractions, inflexions and colours of light. Also two treat 1704 Lond. Graphic Free CMU-Posner
Newton, Isaac (Sir) 1642-1727 1704: Query 31 of Opticks 1704 Html Free LeMoyne
Halley, Edmond, 1656-1742 1705: Astronomiae cometicae synopsis / autore Edmundo Halleio ... 1705] Oxfor Graphic Free CMU-Posner
Dumas, Jean-Baptiste-Andre 1724: Experimenta circa gradum caloris liquorum nonnullorum ebullientium instituta ["several liquids to boil a 1724 Html Free LeMoyne
Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691 1727: Systeme d'un medecin anglois sur la cause de toutes les especes de maladies: [ave?]c les surprenantes co 1727 Paris Graphic Free Harvard:
Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878 1732: On the Production of Currents & Sparks of Electricity from Magnetism 1732 Graphic fasc Free AmerInstPhys
1737: Critical Dissertation on the Mandrake of the Antients 1737 Html Graphic Free YaleU-Med
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 1749: Experiments & Observations on Electricity: Letter IV to Peter Collinson 1749 PDF Free ChemTeam
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 1749: Experiments & Observations on Electricity: Letter IV to Peter Collinson 1759 Graphic fasc Free AmerInstPhys
Black, Joseph 1756: Experiments upon Magnesia Alba, Quick-Lime, & some other Alkaline Substances ["carbonates & their releas 1756 Html Free LeMoyne
Boscovich, Roger Joseph, S.J. 1763: A Theory of Natural Philosophy (tr. J.M. Chils) ["theory of point-like atoms"; excerpt] 1763/1922 Html Free ChemTeam
Macquer, Pierre, 1718-1784 1766: [Excerpts] Dictionary of Chemistry (tr. 1777, J. Kier) ["on aggregation (akin to modern atoms & molecul 1766 Html Free LeMoyne
Morveau, Louis Bernard Guyton de, 1737-1 1772: Excerpt] Dissertation sur le phlogistique ["argues nothing absurd about weight of phlogiston"] 1772 html Free LeMoyne
Priestly, Joseph 1772: On Making Carbonated Water 1772 Html Free ChemTeam
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 1774: Letter to Joseph Priestly ["on marsh gas"] 1774 Html Free LeMoyne
Scheele, Carl William, 1742-1786 1774: On Manganese and its Properties ["prepares and describes chlorine"; excerpt] 1774 Html Free LeMoyne
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794 1775-78 Memoir on the Nature of the Principle which Combines with Metals During Calcination...(Acad des Scien 1775-78 Html Free LeMoyne
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794 1775-7: Memoir on Combustion in General [explanation of combustion] 1775pub1777 Html Free LeMoyne
Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804 1775: Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air (v.2, sec 3) ["on dephlogisticated air"] 1775 Html Free LeMoyne
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794 1775: Memoir on the Nature of the Principle which Combines with Metals During Calcination...[composition of at 1775 Html Free ChemTeam
Scheele, Carl William, 1742-1786 1777: Chemical Treatise on Air & Fire [excerpt; "recognition that air is not a single substance"] 1777 Html Free LeMoyne
Priestley, Joseph 1777: Disquisitions Relating to Matter & Spirit 1777 Graphic Free UPa
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794 1777: Experiments on the Respiration of Animals & on the Changes which happen to air in its passage [scrolldn] 1777 Html Free ChemTeam
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794 1783: Report...on the nature of element but that it is susceptible of decomposition & recompo 1783 Html Free LeMoyne
Watt, James, 1736-1819 1784: Thoughts on the Constituent Parts of Water & of Dephlogisticated Air...["on water"] 1784 html Free LeMoyne
Cavendish, Henry 1785: Experiments on air ["on the "phlogisticated" part of the atmosphere"] 1785 html Free LeMoyne
Bertholet, Claude-Louis, et. al. 1787: A Dictionary of the New Chymical Nomenclature (frm Method of Chymical Nomenclature) 1887 Html Free LeMoyne
Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804 1789: Objections to the Experiments...relating to the Principle of Acidity, Composition of Water, & Phlogiston 1789 Html Free LeMoyne
Watson, Richard, 1737-1816 1789: Of Fire, Sulphur, & Phlogiston ["on the properties of phlogiston"] 1789 html Free LeMoyne
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794 1789: Preface to "Elements of Chemistry" 1789 Html Free LeMoyne
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794 1789: Table of Elements [frm: "Elements of Chemistry"] 1789 Html Free LeMoyne
Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent, 1743-1794 1790: [selections on] caloric & on states of matter from Elements of Chemistry 1790 Html Free LeMoyne
Priestley, Joseph, 1733-1804 1796: Considerations on the Doctrine of Phlogiston and the Decomposition of Water 1796 Html Free LeMoyne
Reil, Johann Christian, 1759-1813 1796: On the Vital Force [excerpt] 1796 Html Free LeMoyne
Malthus, Thomas Robert, 1766-1834 1798: An Essay on the Principle of Population [no figures] 1798 PDF Free ElecScholarlyP
Thomson, Benjamin (Count Rumford) 1798: Heat is a Form of Motion: An Experiment in Boring Cannon (Philos Trans) 1798 html Free ChemTeam
Jenner, Edward, 1749-1823 1798: Inquiry Into the Causes & Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, Or Cow-Pox [Vaccination against Smallpox] 1798 Html Free Bartleby
Davy, Humphry (Sir) 1778-1829 1799: An Essay on Heat, Light, & the Combinations of Light [head & friction; excerpts] 1799 Html Free LeMoyne
Ingenhousz, Jan, 1730-1799 1799: Experiments upon Vegetables, Discovering Their great Power of purifying the Common Air in the Sun-shine 1799 Html Free LeMoyne
Jenner, Edward, 1749-1823 1799: Further Observations on the Variolae Vaccinae, or Cow-Pox [smallpox] 1799 Html Free Bartleby
Proust, Joseph-Louis, 1754-1826 1799: Researches on Copper ["on definite proportions of copper carbonate"] 1799 Html Free LeMoyne
Jenner, Edward, 1749-1823 1800: A Continuation of Facts & Observations Relative to the Variolae Vaccinae, or Cow-Pox [smallpox] 1800 Html Free Bartleby
Volta, Alessandro 1800: On the Electricity excited by the mere Contact of conducting Substances of different Kinds (Philos Mag) 1800 html Free ChemTeam
Dalton, John, 1766-1844 1802: Experimental Enquiry into the Proportion of the Several Gases or Elastic Fluids, Constituting the Atmosp 1805 (pub) html Free LeMoyne
Gay-Lussac, Joseph-Louis 1802: The Expansion of Gases by Heat 1802 Html Free LeMoyne
Black, Joseph 1803: Lectures on the Elements of Chemistry [posthumous; "specific & latent heat"] 1803 Html Free LeMoyne
Dalton, John, 1766-1844 1803: On the Absorption of Gases by Water & Other Liquids (read 1803) ["1st table of atomic weights"] 1805 html Free LeMoyne
Proust, Joseph-Louis, 1754-1826 1806: Sur les mines de cobalt, nickel et autres [" reserves the word compound for materials with definite prop 1806 Html Free LeMoyne
Thomson, Thomas 1807: [Extracts from] Thomson's System of Chemistry (frm Sys of Chemistry) ["1st public exp of Dalton's views] 1807 html Free ChemTeam
Dalton, John, 1766-1844 1808-1: A New System of Chemical Philosophy [excerpts; "on heat and matter"] 1808 html Free LeMoyne
Dalton, John, 1766-1844 1808-2: A New System of Chemical Philosophy [excerpts; "on atomic hypothesis"] 1808 html Free LeMoyne
Thomson, Thomas 1808: On Oxalic Acid (Philos Trans Royal Soc.) 1808 html Free ChemTeam
Davy, Humphry (Sir) 1778-1829 1808: On Some New Phenomena of Chemical Changes Produced by Electricity...(Philos Trans Royal Soc) [discv of s 1808 html Free ChemTeam
Wollaston, William Hyde 1808: On Super-acid & Sub-acid Salts ["relevant to law of multiple proportions & atomic hypothesis"] 1808 html Free ChemTeam
Gay-Lussac, Joseph-Louis 1809: Memoir on the Combination of Gaseous Substances with Each Other 1809 Html Free LeMoyne
Gay-Lussac, Joseph-Louis & Louis Jacques 1809: On the nature & the properties of muriatic acid & of oxygenated muriatic acid [ie, chlorine] 1809 Html Free LeMoyne

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