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Chatelier, Henri Louis le, 1850-1936 1884: A General Statement of the Laws of Chemical Equilibrium ["principle concerning chemical equilibrium"] 1884 html Free LeMoyne
Kelvin, Lord (William Thomson), 1824-190 1884: The Wave Theory of Light [lecture, Franklin Inst./Acad Music, Philadelphia] 1884 Html Free Bartleby
Balmer, Johann Jacob 1885: Note on the Spectral Lines of Hydrogen ["regularities in wavelength of lines of the hydrogen spectrum"] 1885 Html Free LeMoyne
Faraday, Michael 1885: Observations on the Filth of the Thames [letter to The Times] (on polution) 1885 Html Free ChemTeam
Winkler, Clemens 1886: Germanium, Ge, a New Nonmetallic Element (Berichte der Deutschen Chem. Gesellschaft) [disc of Germanium 1886 html Free ChemTeam
Raoult, Francois-Marie, 1830-1901 1887: General Law of the Vapor Pressure of Solvents ["the lowering of vapor pressure"] 1887 Html Free LeMoyne
Arrhenius, Svante 1887: On the Dissociation of Substances Dissolved in Water (tr. H.C. Jones) [electrolyte solutions] (Zeitschri 1887 Html Free ChemTeam
Michelson, Albert Abraham, 1852-1931 & E 1887: On the Relative Motion of the Earth & the Luminiferous Ether [celestial mechanics] 1887 Graphic PDF Free AmerInstPhys
Ostwald, Wilhelm Friedrich 1888: Ostwald's Dilution Law (Zeitschrift fur psysikalische Chemie] 1888 html Free ChemTeam
Arrhenius, Svante 1889: On the Reaction Velocity of the Inversion of Cane Sugar by Acids [temperature dependence of reaction rat 1889 Html Free LeMoyne
Mendeleev, Dmitrii, 1834-1907 1889: The Periodic Law of the Chemical Elements (J Chem Soc) ["on periodic law"; Faraday Lect.] 1889 Html Free LeMoyne
Pockels, Agnes 1891: Surface Tension ["surface properties of water"] 1891 Html Free UCLA
Rayleigh, Lord (1842-1919) (nee, John Wm 1892: Density of Nitrogen ["puzzling anomalies in the density of nitrogen"] 1892 Html Free LeMoyne
Jenner, William (Sir) 1893: Lectures and Essays on Fevers and Diphtheria, 1849-1879 1893 NY Graphic Free Harvard:
Stoney, G. Johnstone 1894: Of the "Electron," or Atom of Electricity (Philos Mag) ["uses the term electron"] 1874 html Free ChemTeam
Ostwald, Wilhelm Friedrich 1894: Ostwald On Catalysis (Zeitschrift fur psysikalische Chemie] 1894 html Free ChemTeam
Nevius, Laird W. 1894: The discovery of modern anaesthesia: by whom was it made? A brief statement of facts, by Laird W. Nevius 1894] NY Graphic Free CMU-Posner
Rayleigh, Lord (1842-1919) (nee, John Wm 1895: Argon ["on discovery of argon"] 1895 Html Free LeMoyne
Rontgen, Wilhelm Conrad, 1845-1923 1895: On a New Kind of Rays ["discovery of X-rays"] 1895 Html Free LeMoyne
Perrin, Jean 1896: New Experiments on the Kathode Rays (before the Paris Acad Sci.) (Nature) 1896 html Free ChemTeam
Thompson, Silvanus P. 1896: On Hyperphosphorescence ["on X-rays & phosphorescence"] 1896 Html Free LeMoyne
Arrhenius, Svante 1896: On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground ["greenhouse effect"] (P 1896 Html Free LeMoyne
Becquerel, Antoine Henri 1896: On the rays emitted by phosphorescence [discovery of radioactivity] (tr. Carmen Giunta) 1896 Html Free LeMoyne
Buchner, Eduard 1897: Alcoholic fermentation without yeast cells. Preliminary communication ["implicating an enzyme"] 1897 Html Free LeMoyne
Ramsay, William, 1852-1916 1897: An Undiscovered Gas (Nature) ["on noble gases in periodic table"] 1897 Html Free LeMoyne
Thomson, J. J. 1897: Cathode Rays (Philos Mag.) ["discovery of the electron"] 1897 Html Free LeMoyne
Zeeman, Pieter 1897: The Effect of Magnetisation on the Nature of Light Emitted by a Substance [Zeeman effect] (Nature) 1897 html Free ChemTeam
Curie, Pierrie & Marie Curie 1898: On a New Radioactive Substance Contained in Pitchblende ["announcement of polonium"] (tr. H.A. Boorse) ( 1898 html Free LeMoyne
Curie, Pierrie & Marie Curie & G. Bemont 1898: On a new, strongly radioactive substance, contained in pitchblende ["announcement of radium"] (Comptes R 1898 html Free LeMoyne
Curie, Marie Sklodowska 1898: Rays emitted by compounds of uranium & of thorium (tr. Carmen Giunta) ["on radioactivity"] 1898 html Free LeMoyne
Thomson, J. J. 1899: LVIII. On the Masses of the Ions in Gases at Low Pressures (Philos Mag.) ["mass of electron"] 1988 Html Free ChemTeam
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937 1899: Uranium Radiation & the Electrical Conduction Produced by It (Philos Mag) [discv Alpha & Beta radiation] 1899 Html Free ChemTeam
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937 1900: A Radioactive Substance emitted from Thorium Compounts (Philos Mag.) [introduces "half-life"] 1900 Html Free ChemTeam
Planck, Max, 1858-1947 1901: On the Law of Distribution of Energy in the Normal Spectrum [disc of Quantum] (Annalen der Physik) 1901 Html Free ChemTeam
Kelvin, Lord (William Thomson), 1824-190 1902: Aepinus Atomized (Philos Mag.) ["on how electrical charges might underlie properties of atoms"] 1902 Html Free ChemTeam
Hofmeister, Franz, 1850-1922 1902: On the structure & grouping of the protein bodies ["in particular the peptide bond"] 1902 Html Free LeMoyne
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937 & Frederic 1902: The Cause & Nature of Radioactivity ["on radioactive transformation"] 1902 Html Free LeMoyne
Thomson, Joseph John (Sir) 1856-1940 1903: Conduction of electricity through gases [illus., diags.; ionization] 1903 Cambdg Graphic Free CMU-Posner
Ramsay, William, 1852-1916 & Frederick S 1903: Experiments in Radioactivity, & the Production of Helium from Radium ["evolution of helium from radium"] 1903 Html Free LeMoyne
Brooks, Harriet 1904: A Volatile Product from Radium [" volatile radioactive product from radium"] 1904 Html Free UCLA
Kelvin, William Thomson (Baron) 1824-190 1904: Baltimore lectures on molecular dynamics & the wave theory of light 1904 Lond. Graphic Free CMU-Posner
Nagaoka, H. 1904: LV. [On the Structure of the Atom] Kinetics of a System of Particles illustrating the Line & the Band S 1904 Html Free ChemTeam
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937 1904: Radio-activity [illus.; Cambridge physical series] 1904 Cambg Graphic Free CMU-Posner
Thomson, J. J. 1904: XXIV. On the Structure of the Atom: an Investigation of the Stability and Periods of Oscillation of a nu 1904 Html Free ChemTeam
Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955 1905: Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy-Content? 1905 Html Free Fourmilab
Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955 1905: On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies 1905 Html Free Fourmilab
Tswett, Mikhail, 1872-1919 1906: Adsorption analysis and chromatographic method. Application to the chemistry of chlorophyll ["chromatogr 1906 html Free LeMoyne
Thomson, Joseph John, 1856-1940 1906: Carriers of negative electricity [Nobel Prize address] 1906 Html Free LeMoyne
Thomson, J. J. 1906: LXX. On the Number of Corpuscles in an Atom (Philos Mag.) 1906 Html Free ChemTeam
Arrhenius, Svante 1907: Theories of Chemistry ["Arrhenius on Thomson's 1904 model"] 1907 Html Free ChemTeam
Bjerrum, Niels 1909: A New Form for the Electrolytic Dissociation Theory ["strong electorn"] 1909 Html Free ChemTeam
Sorensen, Soren P.L. 1909: Enzyme Studies II. The Measurement & Meaning of Hydrogen Ion Concentration in Enzymatic Processes [pH] 1909 Html Free ChemTeam
Geiger, Hans & Ernest Marsden 1909: On a Diffuse Reflection of the a-Particles ["discovery of wide-angle alpha particle scattering"] 1909 Html Free ChemTeam
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937 & T. Royds 1909: The Nature of the a-Particle from Radioactive Substances ["identifying the alpha particle"] 1909 Html Free LeMoyne
Geiger, H. 1910: The Scattering of the a-Particles by Matter ["determines the most probable angle of alpha scattering"] 1910 Html Free ChemTeam
Perrin, Jean, 1870-1942 1910: [excerpt frm] Brownian Motion & Molecular Reality ["Brownian movement, incl esimation of Avogadro's numb 1910 Html Free LeMoyne
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937 1911-03: The Scattering of the Alpha & Beta Rays & the Structure of the Atom [first announcement, nucleus conc 1911 Html Free ChemTeam
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937 1911-05: The Scattering of the Alpha & Beta Particles & the Structure of the Atom [full paper on discv of nucl 1911 Html Free ChemTeam
van den Broek, A. 1911-07: The Number of Possible Elements and Mendeleeff's "Cubic" Periodic System ["1st ltr on atomic number 1911 Html Free ChemTeam
Huxley, Julian 1912: The individual in the animal kingdom [illus., individuality; Cambridge manuals of science & l 1912 Cambg Graphic Free CornellU
van den Broek, A. 1913-11: Intr-atomic Charge (Nature) [Broek's 2nd ltr] 1911 Html Free ChemTeam
Bohr, Niels Henrik David, 1885-1962 1913-12: On the Spectrum of Hydrogen (addr Phys Soc Copenhagen) 1913 Html Free LeMoyne
Moseley, H.G.J. 1913-4: The High Frequency Spectra of the Elements (Philos. Mag.) ["X-ray spectra & atomic number"] 1913-14 Html Free ChemTeam
Soddy, Frederick, 1877-1956 1913: Intra-atomic Charge ["introduces the term "isotopes"] 1913 Html Free LeMoyne
Geiger, H. & E. Marsden 1913: LXI. The Laws of Deflexion of a Particles through Large Angles ["atomic number concept"] 1913 Html Free ChemTeam
Bohr, Niels Henrik David, 1885-1962 1913: On the Constitution of Atoms and Molecules (Philos Mag.) 1913 Html Free ChemTeam
Fajans, Kasimir 1913: Radioactive Transformations and the Periodic System of The Elements [isotopes] 1913 Html Free ChemTeam
Soddy, Frederick, 1877-1956 1913: Radioactivity ["discusses isotopes & the displacement law"] 1913 Html Free LeMoyne
Thomson, Joseph John, 1856-1940 1913: Rays of positive electricity ["on the positive rays of electric discharge tubes"] 1913 Html Free LeMoyne
Menten, Maud Leonora (1876-1960) & Leono 1913: The kinetics of invertase activity ["on enzyme kinetics (invertase)"] 1913 Html Free LeMoyne
Soddy, Frederick, 1877-1956 1913: The Radio-elements & the Periodic Law ["displacement law and "non-separable" elements"] 1913 Html Free LeMoyne
Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953 1913: [excerpt] On the elementary electrical charge & Avogadro's constant 1913 Graphic PDF Free AmerInstPhys
Rutherford, Ernest, 1871-1937 1914: The Stucture of the Atom (Philos. Mag.) [follow-up to 1911 nucleus paper"] 1914 Html Free ChemTeam
Kossel, W. 1916: Molecule Formation as a Question of Atomic Structure (Annalen der Physik) ["chemical bonding"] 1916 Html Free ChemTeam
Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953 1916: On a determination of Planck's constant by a photoelectric measurement 1916 Graphic PDF Free PhysicalReview

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